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Notore revolutionized fertilizer distribution in Nigeria, previously limited to urban and peri-urban centers, leaving millions of rural farming households without access. To address this issue, Notore developed a distribution network that ensures the effective delivery of products to every corner of the market at a consistent price. This approach promotes wealth creation for all partners in the distribution value chain while ensuring easy accessibility for farmers. Through strategic partnerships, Notore establishes a robust structure to guarantee product availability and quality across communities within and outside Nigeria. The strong bond between Notore and its partners allows for direct control over the distribution channel, reaching the end-users.

Superior Distribution Model

This distribution network involves:

Transport Partners

The haulage of Notore fertilizer from the production plant in Onne to various locations runs on a self-collect basis. Our partners provide trucks and take the responsibility of moving their products to their destinations nationwide.

Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners have vast experience in product distribution, and they serve as the first and major product distribution hub. They are wholesale purchasers who ensure the free flow of our products down the chain by always building adequate inventory in their warehouse.

Agro Dealers

Our Agro Dealers own farm input retail outlets located close to farming communities. They ensure product availability to their consumers and provide advisory services to farmers.

Village Promoters

Our Village Promoters play a vital role in our distribution network, effectively engaging with rural farmers in their communities. These local individuals undergo training by Notore to sell small-pack fertilizers and educate their communities on proper fertilizer usage and farming practices through demonstration plots. In 2010, Notore initiated a project to assist impoverished farmers in remote areas with limited access to quality fertilizers. The project aimed to educate small-scale farmers on appropriate fertilizer application methods and provide them with affordable pack sizes. We recruited and trained 180 unemployed youths as Village Promoters in the target communities to implement this project. Their responsibilities included training farmers through practical demonstration plots and promoting the sales of affordable 1kg pack fertilizers. Together, these Village Promoters established 917 demonstration plots and reached approximately 58,000 farmers across 15 states in Nigeria.

Export Market

Notore exports urea and excess ammonia through its dedicated jetty to international markets such as Europe, Latin America, North America, West Africa, and South Africa. Notore’s jetty can accommodate vessels of 10,000MT to 15,000MT capacity to berth at its facilities.

Notore’s ownership status of the jetty allows it to export and import through the jetty, sometimes at short notice.


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