About Notore

Champion of the African
Green revolution

Notore Chemical Industries Plc (Notore) is one of the leading fertiliser and agro-allied companies in Africa with over 20 years of experience, we specialize in producing and distributing high-quality fertilizers, seeds, and crop management services.

Our goal is to help farmers maximize their crop yields and promote food security in Africa. Learn more about our products and services, our commitment to sustainability, and our dedication to making a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

Investor Relations

At Notore Chemical Industries, we believe in fostering transparency, trust, and open communication with our valued investors. Our Investor Relations serves as a dedicated hub where you can access accurate
and up-to-date information about our company's performance, strategies, and growth journey.

Join us in creating a sustainable

agriculture revolution.

At Notore, we are committed to sustainability, and we believe that sustainable agriculture is key
to promoting economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving food security in Africa.

Village Promoter Program

The Notore Village Promoter Program has brought about a remarkable increase in productivity for subsistent farmers.

Notore Learning Centre

The Notore Farmers’ Learning Centre serves as a hub where farmers gather regularly to exchange farming techniques...

Notore Impact

Notore is a pioneering force in the agricultural sector, dedicated to transforming the landscape of farming and empowering communities..